Reconstruct Vertical Height & Volume With Regenerative Technology

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Screw implant F4-All on 4

Guided Bone Regeneration

Osteopore® Regenerative Mesh, Osteomesh®, delivers predictable shape and volume of regenerated bones.


Increase Success Rate

Osteomesh® contains bone graft materials without collapsing due to its semi-flexibility. It can easily be curved and reshaped for a better fit.


Reduce Follow-up Surgeries

Osteomesh® is made of polycaprolactone (PCL) which resorbs fully in 18 – 24 months, leaving behind the patient's natural bone. This reduces the need for followup surgeries to remove the mesh. 

Mandibular Reconstruction

Structure of implant retains desired anatomical contours


Avoid donor site morbidity

Osteopore® Regenerative Implants do not require allografts, hence, preventing donor site morbidity.

3. MandibularPSI

Orbital Floor Reconstruction 

Osteomesh® conforms to the orbital floor contour while supporting orbital content and bone formation.

Expedited procedure: no fixation needed, easily shaped to anatomical form.

Reduce post-operative complications 

Osteomesh® resorbs into bone whilst providing structural support. Bone tissues are regenerated, without allografts or permanent implants, reducing post-operative complications.

edited- orbital floor fracture

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